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Netessen’s Next Gen BPO has evolved from being a provider of traditional BPO services to a provider of holistic next generation business services to Global customers. Our industry leading process platform enables our customers to run standardized and efficient operations. Our clients gain insights, business growth, and measurable business impact through pre-built process asset based solutions, industry focused platform BPO solutions, and integrated IT BPO services.


Our BPO Services

A-Z BPO solutions.

  • Technical Support
  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Outbound
  • Tele Marketing
  • Back office
  • Virtual assistant
  • Appoinment Setting
  • KPO





IP Camera Technical Support

Netessen Technologies is a leading provider of BPO services focusing on technical and sales support to some of the leading IP camera companies. The high and consistent standard of support we provide makes us well known/established in the industry. We provide round the clock support to various ip cameras in the industry. Hence forth, we have a rigorously trained team of network engineers who provide efficient support to the customers. Our highly adequate technical team helps to provide dedicated support for customers from different regions. This enables the hardware provider to promise 24/7 hardware troubleshooting and remote support irrespective of regional holidays. Our human resource is highly scalable that can be scaled up or down based on the client’s requirement. This gives our clients complete freedom to dedicate their focus on their other core competencies. Few support services our network engineers provide are:

  • Technical Support
  • IP Cam Installation, Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Configure Ip cameras work wireless.
  • Access camera from remote network by Port forwarding in routers.
  • Setup motion detection & email alerts.
  • Configure live video streaming in smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Setup Manual and Motion detection video recordings
  • Configuring cameras in NVR/DVR/NAS devices

Voice Support

Is your business at stake because of insufficient customer support? We can bridge the gap between you & your customers with our 24×7 call center phone answering services. Start experiencing increased sales and better conversion rates along with the satisfied customers. Our multi-channel call centers have real time reporting and 100% recording facilities. Whether you are a small / mid sized company or a large enterprise, we can provide you with call center services such as order taking services and 800 answering services that will fit in perfectly with your organization’s needs. With us as your vendor, you can be assured that your customers will get our undivided attention. Voice support provides solutions in real time which makes it the highly accessed way of support. The efficient support provided by our support team makes Netessen well established in this field. Our aim is to attain high levels of Customer Satisfaction. To achieve it we provide continuous and in-depth training to our professionals and make sure that they possess the expertise to handle the customer’s queries efficiently.Our continuous performance monitoring system removes the bottleneck in the process and retains high level of support.The knowledge base created from the frequently asked queries helps to provide easy and clear solutions to customer queries.

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Live Chat Support

Our continuous performance monitoring system helps to retain the standard of communication by removing the bottlenecks in the process. The knowledge base created from the frequently asked queries does sort out customer queries more efficiently and in shortest possible time.

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  • Technical Support
  • Virtual assistance
  • Live website support

One of the major benefits with 24X7 Live Chat Support is its two-way communication. By providing Live Chat Support to the customers, you can understand their concerns precisely, offer them right solutions and thus, provide them the maximum in terms of Customer Satisfaction. The other benefit with Live Chat Support is cost effectiveness as compared to Live Phone Support, which comes with heavy initial investment and high operating expenses. With experience of serving various business process especially in ipcamera technical support,sales and inquiries Netessen offers quality Live Chat Support services to clients. From our setup in Indian Sub Continent, we use our high-end technical skills to understand customer issues and use sharp communication skills to provide them solutions instantly. Online Chat support brings the new era. It ensures high level of accessibility and interactions. Live chat support helps you attain maximum Customer Satisfaction by understanding customer’s concerns precisely and providing them with proper solutions. Thus it helps the customers to get clarified instantly. Outsourcing chat support to Netessen helps you lessen your burden while increasing your revenue.

E-mail Support

Email has now become the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management. As a result, many companies are outsourcing their non-voice call center needs including Email support services. We offer Email support services for technical as well as non-technical products and services.

Most preferred way of linking to customers is through email support. It is cost effective. Getting the solutions directly to the mailbox makes it more favourable to the customers. Our email support ensures that the questions addressed by the customers are answered quickly/rapidly and in an effective manner. Netessen’s email support has an unbeatable speed and accuracy which makes it customer friendly. The knowledge base created from the frequently asked queries helps to provide easy and clear solutions to customer queries. Our continuous performance monitoring system removes the hassle in the process and retains high level of support we provide.


How will this setup work?

A knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers will be created in collaboration with our customer’s needs and requirements.
The knowledge base is continually updated and improved, based on our agent’s interactions with customers.
Realizing that there are few quick fix solutions, our agents are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the client’s processes, products and services.
When an email is received, it is scanned and routed to the appropriate agent. Our well-trained, highly competent agents provide clear, consistent and complete answers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.
The use of a database that holds standard responses to frequently asked questions ensures that the agents have access to quick and standardized responses. The online knowledge base can also be used to provide immediate, personalized responses to customer queries.

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